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Flintoft Stripe

Flintoft Stripe

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The Flintoft Stripe Jute Range has an Australian coastal look.

White-washed, sun-kissed jute with a natural stripe is perfect for the Australian lifestyle and home, perfect for outdoor, undercover.

Available in eight sizes of mats, runners and rugs.

Small 160 cm x 230 cm

Medium 180cm x 270cm

Large 240cm x 300cm

Extra - Large 300cm x 400cm

Oversized Mat 70cm x 140cm

Doormat 60cm x 90cm

4m Runner 80cm x 400cm

3m Runner 80cm x 300cm

Jute is a natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly fibre adding a relaxed layer of texture and style to any home. The Boucle is a thick chunky weave designed to provide durability and practicality to high-traffic areas whilst being comfortable and soft underfoot.

Due to the handmade organic nature of our product, slight variations in tone and imperfections are expected and embraced as a mark of the artisan.

Wear & Fading

The best way to keep your jute rug clean is to vacuum regularly so that the dust and dirt doesn't build up and rub into the fibres. Vacuum regularly without a brush, in the direction of the weave.

Rugs are subject to wear and tear over time and can become faded if exposed to direct sunlight. Rotate regularly to minimise colour change and damage.

We do recommend the use of an underlay. This can prevent movement or slipping and also help to protect flooring underneath.

Spills & Spots

Treat spots and spills immediately with warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

If necessary sprinkle baking soda onto the rug, allow to sit overnight to absorb lingering odour.


Strands of jute can sometimes pop out of our hand crafted rugs. Loose fibres should be twisted and pushed through to the base of the rug. Never pull out threads, this an cause damage and holes


As the rugs are shipped in sealed bags, odours from dyes and fibres can accumulate during transit. This odour will naturally dissipate over time when the rug is removed from its bag.

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